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supercharge me - the movie
How much sugar is in standard American fare? March 8th, /files/includes/images/blog.php-page-2.jpg010


Happy International Women/files/includes/images/blog.php-page-2.jpg17;s Day!

Just received this from a friend in Israel & wanted to share with you. It/files/includes/images/blog.php-page-2.jpg17;s an excellent illustration of how much sugar is in some of the most popular foods and beverages in the Standard American Diet (SAD). Each cube represents a teaspoon. No wonder diabetes is such an epidemic, not to mention so many other diseases in America.

Check this link. You will be shocked to see how much sugar is being pumped into Americans:

As you/files/includes/images/blog.php-page-2.jpg17;ll see, raw food comes out the best yet again.

To your radiance!


Jenna Norwood

San Jose Wellness Event March 5th, /files/includes/images/blog.php-page-2.jpg010

Title: San Jose Wellness Event
Location: San Jose, CA
Description: Jenna Norwood presentation about the power of getting back to nature with the way we eat.
Start Time: 08:00
Date: /files/includes/images/blog.php-page-2.jpg010-04-09
End Time: 17:00

James Madison University March 5th, /files/includes/images/blog.php-page-2.jpg010

Title: James Madison University
Location: Harrisonburg, VA
Description: Film & Discussion of /files/includes/images/blog.php-page-2.jpg/files/includes/images/blog.php-page-2.jpg1;Supercharge Me! 30 Days Raw/files/includes/images/blog.php-page-2.jpg/files/includes/images/blog.php-page-2.jpg1;
Start Time: 19:00
Date: /files/includes/images/blog.php-page-2.jpg010-04-/files/includes/images/blog.php-page-2.jpg0
End Time: /files/includes/images/blog.php-page-2.jpg1:00

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